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Search the CHO-K1 RefSeq assembly by gene name or symbol:


Your query may take up to one minute, depending on the number of hits in the assembly database.

This is a BETA version of the CHO-K1 RefSeq genome database. This genome assembly corresponds to the RefSeq CriGri_1.0 assembly released in November 2011 (RefSeq Assembly ID GCF_000223135.1).

The CHO-K1 RefSeq database can be searched by:
1) Gene name or symbol (i.e. Casp1 or caspase 1)

There are currently 489076 entries in the database.

BLAST the CHO-K1 RefSeq genome here and at NCBI.

Tips for using the database:

1) There are two entries in the database for each protein-coding gene - an mRNA entry
and an exon entry. The mRNA entry provides general information about the gene and
transcript but does not include information about the protein product. To find protein
information and download protein sequences, select the exon entry for your gene of

2) Use % in the search field to list all database records. This will only display a list of the
database entries and will not provide links to individual gene pages. Search the database
by gene name or symbol to find individual gene pages.

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